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FW789 False Color,Zebra Exposure,Check Field,Marker Type,Squared segmentation

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Video Intro
The False Color: feature utilizes a full spectrum of assigned color indicators, ensuring flawless shot exposure. The under/ over luminance warning enables the video professional to get the quality he/ she desires every time. By adjusting the camera’s Iris, the subject of the image will change color based on specific brightness values indicating optimal exposure.  
Exposure:The Exposure is used to assist in exposure adjustment in the mode of Zebra Pattern.
Check Field: Gray, Red, Green,Blue
Marker Type:16:9 ,  4:3, 2.35:1 ,  1.85:1
6.Marker Color:black,red,Green,blue,white,gray
Image Flip:L/R    U/D   U/D/L/R
Squared segmentation:Zoom one of the images to realize full screen